Using This?

 I haven’t ever posted on here and don’t know if I want to but all my other things are so public so here is a post… I lost my job almost exactly a year ago, was laid off for 6 months, was going to go back to school - I had all my financial aid, met with counselors got a class schedule.   I then went -wait- I have a teenage daughter who will be in college starting in 2013 - do I want to take this on?  Revamped my whole resume for a larger market- sent it out at midnight that night and the next day I had calls for interviews. Landed the job I wanted.  


Ramblings…about TV.

First rambling post…I am watching Glee right now and wondering about what I am going to watch after all of the season finales.  Last nights HIMYM and Castle were amazing and I can’t wait to watch them again next week when the girls are here.
I also heard they canceled Better with You, which actually grew on me, even though Joanna Garcia did NOT look pregnant ever in the whole season. Anyone have any favorite shows???

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